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Congratulations are In Order!!!

By BoogaP

Despite repeated attempts to provide Ernie, EDub, with my phone number, I have never spoken to him on the phone.

Knowing that he has an extremely busy/hectic schedule, I feel lucky just to receive an email or a DM via Twitter.  The man is obviously a very busy guy.  What he has built here at should not go unrecognized by anyone; myself included.

Despite no voice to voice contact, I feel like I have gotten to know a little bit about Ernie as a person.  He’s seemed liked a great family man that truly loves the Chargers and football in general.

He had already come across as a humble, non-assuming guy.  He knows his stuff so be careful if you are feeling spunky and want to debate him about the Bolts!

While sifting through the BoltBeat site looking for an old article of mine I noticed something different about the staff listing.

My guess about Ernie’s humble nature had been undoubtedly confirmed.

I would like to publicly recognize that our “editor” has had a position change to “Editorial Director!!”

Not only has he made BoltBeat an amazing site, he has made it an unbelieveable honor to write for and contribute to the site as well.

Although Ernie made no attempt to seek recognition for such a title I can’t help but do it on his behalf.

I’ll never forget when that guy wrote that “terrible” article “demanding a move to L.A. for the Chargers” and Ernie axed him just due to the fact that he wanted to do what was best for the site and it’s readers/followers.

He has done what’s in the best interest of the site and it’s readers since I started here and I feel confident that it will be no different in the future.

I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the entire staff that we are very proud of you.

I don’t mind admitting that my first 15 articles would not have had pictures on them at all if it wasn’t for Ernie! LOL!!


Thanks for all that you have done for me as a writer and, of course, for the site that has grown so much in just a short period of time.

You make me so proud to have graduated from creeper to staff writer.  Can’t wait to meet you on August the 18th!!!


Dave Peters