LA Chargers News

Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

We’ve known for the longest that the San Diego Chargers feature the biggest bandwagon fans in all of football. As if their inability to sellout games when they were atop the AFC West wasn’t proof enough of how disinterested the city is in their own team now they’re going to the most drastic measures possible.

The Chargers’ attendance issues are legendary. The weather’s too nice. The stadium’s too old. Norv Turner’s just going to do something stupid and they’re going to crash out just shy of the playoffs again. There are all sorts of reasons why Qualcomm doesn’t fill up. Failing to adequately advertise to fans of the other team isn’t going to be one of them, not anymore.

The Chargers don’t plan to take advantage of the ability to treat up to 15 percent of empty non-premium seats as sold for the purposes of the blackout rule.  Instead, they plan to try to fill them up with fans who root for the visiting team.