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Football Food Friday

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Dec 5, 2011; Jacksonville, FL, USA; General view of a Wilson football and the goalposts at EverBank Field before the NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

It’s time to start thinking about your fantasy draft.  Only so many days until regular season (68, but I’m not counting) and so many players to pick from.  If you are anything like me, you are already scouting, making notes and quite possibly making a mock draft list.  One thing you do not want to forget is your draft snacks.  Spend time making sure you are properly hydrated with your favorite beverage and have yummy snacks on hand to keep you fueled up while you pick your team.  Here is one of my favorite draft day snacks.

Recipe:  Draft day snack plate

What you need:  A couple of your favorite cheeses – smoked cheddar, gruyere and maybe a dollop of blue cheese are a good start.  Some veggies – cucumbers, carrots and maybe hot pickles.  A little bit of fruit – grapes, big fat raisins and olives, gotta have your favorite stuffed olives.   A couple tablespoons of honey.  Carbs – raisin bread, crackers, pita bread and pop chips.  Hummus – pick one or two of your favorite flavors, avocado and cilantro or garlic would go nice with the above.

What you do:  Slice the cheeses and veggies into bite size pieces.  Line up cheeses, veggies and fruit in equal amounts.  Olives should go in a little bowl with juice.  Lightly toast raisin bread, slice into planks, line up with other carbs.  Put hummus in small bowls, put honey on plate or in smaller bowl.  Mix and match and add what else you like.  Most importantly, take Ryan Mathews in the first round.

Don’t forget to dip!  Since everything is bite size no need for utensils.  The raisin bread, smoked cheddar with raisin on top dipped in honey is my favorite combo.  Make your own combos while you create your fantasy team.

Enjoy and Boltup!

ChargerGirl Cindi