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Eric Weddle is not a Top 100 player

By Ernie Padaon

The NFL Network is wrapping up the Top 100 players for the coming season and it looks like the only Chargers player that will make it on the list is QB Philip Rivers. They have yet to reveal the top 10, but we won’t be seeing any Chargers ranked that high. So that means that there is NO Eric Weddle on this list!

When Weddle signed for a big money contract, players around the league jumped on their twitter and ridiculed the signing. He backed it up by leading the league in interceptions. He backed it up with an invite to the Pro Bowl and a selection to the All-Pro team.

Even after all those accolades, he can’t get his peers to put him anywhere on the Top 100 list? Let’s just call him number 101, because it sure seems that he was robbed on that Top 100 vote.

He will be entering his 6th season in the NFL and will have to prove that he can repeat his performance. There are still different areas that Weddle can improve on in his game. There were missed opportunities for interceptions and some tackles that he could have made, but Weddle has shown that he will put in the work to keep improving.

Expecting another Pro Bowl season and maybe he can pick up a little respect around the league along the way. Do you expect Weddle to keep rising OR do you feel that Weddle will “come back to earth”?