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2001 NFL Draft, I Wanted Michael Vick Over Ladainian Tomlinson

By Ernie Padaon


When that 2001 draft came up and we had the number one overall pick, I wanted us to draft Michael Vick. I wanted the quarterback out of Virginia Tech and didn’t even know much about Ladainian Tomlinson.

Mike Vick was a freak athlete and even after the first few seasons he had in Atlanta, I was questioning if we made the right decision. Vick was running wild in the NFL and seemed to be on SportsCenter every weekend. He couldn’t hit his receivers with a pass, but he found ways to get outside of the pocket and kept burning through defenses.

I can admit when I WAS WRONG! Of course LT was the better selection!

LT is one of the greatest that has ever played the game and will be in the Hall of Fame, while Vick has been in and out of jail and has fought injury concerns year in and year out. What a great move by GM John Butler and the Chargers!

Anyone else want Michael Vick when we went into that draft? I can’t be the only one!