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Could Ronnie Brown Vulture the TD Carries Away?

By Ernie Padaon

Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

It is way too early to be sweating this stuff, but it definitely will catch the attention of those fantasy football owners. Ronnie Brown was getting first team snaps in the red zone today, with Ryan Mathews running it with the second string (CBS Sports). IT IS TOO EARLY, but it does get people thinking that Ronnie could become a vulture down in the red zone.

Mike Tolbert gobbled up all the TDs for the last couple of years and someone will be picking up those carries. Will it be Ronnie or Ryan? We didn’t even mention LeRon McClain in the conversation yet? McClain is the monster that we brought in to block for the ball carriers, but he showed that he can pound that ball up the middle of a defense while he was with the Baltimore Ravens.

In my opinion, Ryan deserves the first shot to get the carries in the red zone. He can beat teams in a variety of ways with his speed and his strength. There were times that last season that Ryan might have been a better option to use over Tolbert. Give Ryan the rock and let’s see what he does with it!