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Over/Under: Larry English Will Have 5 Sacks in 2012?

By Ernie Padaon

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Larry Boy has struggled through injuries since he joined the Chargers and we just have to wonder what his next injury is going to be. I was looking over the Chargers Reddit page and the guys in the comments section had clever suggestions on what his next injury will be:

$5 on Space AIDS – timothygruicha broken heart. – ichlibejuiceTurf toe.. On his fingers lol – RealBig7I feel like it will be something small enough where he can still play, but bad enough where is affects his play to the point where he isn’t productive on the field. Just to toy with us. – mrdov

I don’t know why, but the “Turf Toe of the fingers” was my favorite suggestion!

Will Larry English ever get off the injured reserve? Will we ever get to see what this kid can do for us? He has been on the sideline for so long that most of us don’t expect any production out of him anymore. If he could go one year without injury, what could he provide? Could he be the pass rusher that we needed?

It sounds like Larry is healthy and that he will finally get to prove something to us. He only was able to play in 5 games last season and had 2 sacks. The previous season he played in 8 games and finished with 3 sacks. Assuming he is healthy, I will put the over/under for this season at 5 sacks. He is healthy, but now he has so much more competition for playing time. Antwan Barnes showed that he can get after the quarterback and Melvin Ingram was not brought over to sit on the sideline.

Over/under 5 sacks?