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Ronnie Brown vs Curtis Brinkley for the Backup Role

By Ernie Padaon

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Ronnie Brown was signed by the Bolts on Friday and he was met with a mixed reaction from the Bolt Nation. Some people loved the signing and others laughed at the acquisition. If we were going to bring in an old back, than people would rather have seen us take a chance on LaDainian Tomlinson. AJ moved on from LT a long time ago and there never really was a chance that we would see him here with AJ running the ship.

People are calling Ronnie Brown old and injury prone. They look at last year’s production of 136 yards and wonder why we even picked him up. Does he have anything left in the tank?

His recent stint with the Philadelphia Eagles was not pretty. He was stuck behind LeSean McCoy on the depth chart and barely saw time on the field. He only had 42 carries the whole season and no catches.

While in Miami, he often shared carries with Ricky Williams in the offense and the Dolphins always had a strong ground attack. Brown was a threat catching passes and always proved to be capable running the ball.

Now, Brown will be locked in a battle with Curtis Brinkley for playing time and the backup runningback role. Brinkley will be entering his third season on the roster and he has not received a lot of playing time during the regular season. He has impressed fans during the preseason and fans want to see him get more opportunities to be the backup.

Boonah vs Brown: It should be a fun competition to watch during training camp. Brown will have the upper hand due to experience, but Brinkley can’t be that far behind in that race. The competition will push both backs and we should get a solid backup out of the competition.

Who do you want the backup role to go to? Is there even a competition in your mind?