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Ronnie Don’t Fail Me Now

By Joey Nicks

Friday the Bolts added their last running back to a Super Charged Super Bowl Champion Team, Ronnie Brown. What does this have to bring for Ryan Mathews? What about McClain, what should we expect? More importantly what do I think of this move?

When it was known Friday I was a little nervous. My initial reaction was, why? We have McClain, we have Mathews, and Hester if we even needed him there. Plus if we got desperate we could always sign someone, or bring someone from the practice squad up. Solutions are always a float. I closed my eyes to think about it for a little bit and saw Norv Turner over using him, and not using Mathews enough. McClain… is sitting on the bench waiting his turn to kill it on the field. We are down by 14, and Norv has that same STUPID look on his face as we fall again due to his asinine beliefs. It looked TERRIBLE.

Then I looked at it again, yes he has injury issues, but he won’t be seeing a lot of time. Ronnie obviously runs the wildcat VERY well. With Ryan Mathews getting better when it comes to the injury label, we need an experienced back that can pick the slack up. He can break for a big gain, and does a great job as a third down back. Everyone seems to forget that he still has something to prove. Ronnie wasn’t used that much at Philadelphia as he was there for all 16 games, and only ran for 142 yards. Granted he was behind McCoy, but people forgot what he is actually capable of. Brown moves well and has a good nose for the end zone, so he should do nothing but add to our backfield.

When push comes to shove this move is determined by how Norv uses him. It definitely has potential to be a great show, but again if Norv overuses Ronnie, or uses him in the wrong way this could be terrible. Not to mention that carries will start to be spread out now. That means we have a little bit of a competition on our hands. As the summer starts to heat up so does the running back race in San Diego.