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For A Good Laugh, Read This

By FanSided Staff

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Another title: Carson Palmer puts his foot in his mouth.

According to Palmer, the Raiders will be more than just a playoff team this season.

In a recent interview, he says it’s their division to win.

He says they are closer to being a championship team.

Hold on, I’m choking.

My dog is going to sprout wings any minute.

Is that hell freezing over?

I swear that’s a pink elephant walking down the street.

Is that the moon turning blue?

Hold on, there’s a pig flying outside my window.

I think it will snow here say mid August.

I saw a chicken with teeth the other day.

My pet frog has hair.

My fish climbed our tree today.

You get the idea right?

Not only did they have to wait until the 3rd round until their pick came up, their whole draft was weak, borderline questionable.

Of course Palmer is going to say that.

What else is he supposed to say?

I know my team sucks and we’re not even close to being a playoff team.

We had weak draft picks and the whole team from top to bottom is in disarray.

He’s not gonna say that.

He might think it, but he definitely won’t say it.

But it’s true.

Wake up Carson! You’re dreaming!