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Run Ryan Run!

By Ernie Padaon


Not Sticky Icky Ricky! Should we start chanting “Run Ryan Run”?

In a recent post from Pro Football Talk, Ryan shared coach Turner’s thoughts:

“Coach Turner’s coached a lot of great backs,” Mathews told King for King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column. “He’s told me I remind him of Ricky Williams, which is the kind of back I would like to be. In college I was a workhorse back. I believe I can do that here. My training has really improved, and I’ve set high standards for myself. I shouldn’t come off the field at all this year.”

Norval coached Pretty Ricky in Miami when he had his best season as a pro. In 2002, Norval coached Ricky Williams up to 1800+ yards and 16 TDs! That is Ricky’s only All-Pro and Pro Bowl season he had in his career.

There are some big expectations for Ryan this season. He has put in a lot of work this off-season and the anticipation for the season keeps on building. He now has a bulldozer in front of him to plow the defenders out of the way and there is nobody else on the roster to steal carries from him. This could be a season where he puts up some riDONKulous numbers and that could be a huge thing for Philip Rivers and the offense.

I can’t wait to see what Ryan has this season. If he runs like 2002 Ricky, then we could be looking forward to some GREAT things. Just stay away from the mota Ryan.


What do you think about the comparisons of Ricky and Ryan?