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Baldinger Says Chargers Not Favorites To Win The West

By FanSided Staff

Brian Baldinger of NFL Network thinks the Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC West.

Really? What planet is he on? Did he say the Chiefs?

Sometimes I think Brian Baldinger, Warren Sapp and others like them, say things like that just to stir up the pot, not that they themselves actually believe it.

I do admit, last year the Chiefs had a formidable defense with that fierce linebacking crew headed up by Tamba Hali.

Yeah, Hali got to Rivers a few times but I tend to attribute a lot of that to our makeshift and often overmatched offensive line.

Matt Cassell is solid at times but inconsistent and far from elite.

At least two of the quarterbacks he’ll have to face twice a year, are, and I ain’t talkin’ about Carson Palmer and even he’s better than Cassell.

Don’t forget, Cassell will be without Charlie Weiss as offensive guru as well.

The only two guys that stand out on that team are Tamba Hali and Dwayne Bowe.

Jamaal Charles will be back from injury but is he a threat?

I say no.

Who else do they have besides a bunch of unproven rookie draft picks?

Romeo Crennell is not a proven head coach. If anything, he’s proved the opposite.

If Baldinger is right, I’ll be eating my words by the end of the season but I’m confident he is not.

At least Jamie Dukes is on our side.

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