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Panthers Pulled Home Card

By Joey Nicks

We all have a soft spot for our big boy of the past Mike Tolbert, but how much of a soft spot does he have for us? The Chargers made a healthy offer. More than he was looking for probably. Tolbert is a great running back with skills to carry the ball, pound players while doing so, and playing fullback. We have witnessed over the years he spent with us the love he has for the game with his celebration dances, his smile, and his approach to the game.

Well maybe that will explain why he took a million dollars less to sign with the Panthers. The reason is his daughter. He was excited to have the offer to move back down south and raise his daughter there. Family first as we all know, then come football. Tolbert was a southern man with southern hospitality. He respectfully represented the Chargers, his family, and his community. Therefore there should be no bad blood with this man.

It warms my heart though to see that there is still some humanity left is the league. To sacrifice playing in the greatest city ever, with the greatest fan ever, just so he can raise his daughter where he grew up? That’s admirable and sacrificial to say the least. We should almost admire men who make these moves of taking less money for an actual reason. Although my team is on the butt end of this one I still salute you Mike Tolbert and I will always be a big fan. Good Luck in Carolina! I just apologize that you weren’t apart of this year’s Super Bowl San Diego Super Chargers team!