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Top 10 Most Disliked Players In The NFL

By FanSided Staff


There is no shortage of professional athletes that run awry of the law. Most notably in recent history, O.J. Simpson which makes him probably the most hated athlete in NFL history.

Although none of these players even come close to what Simpson did, they’re still not well liked among the general public.

Being a felon is not necessarily the only thing to make the general public dislike you, it doesn’t help.

According to a poll published by Forbes, these are the top 10 most disliked active players in the NFL.

The poll was conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research.

It was a survey of the general public, not of the players and coaches.

The final ranking was determined by how many respondents indicated a player was someone they “dislike,” “dislike somewhat,” or “dislike a lot” by how they played and how they conducted themselves off the field as well.

10. Jeremy Shockey 29% dislike

9. Tony Romo 29% dislike

8. Carson Palmer 31% dislike

7. Vince Young 32% dislike

6. Chad Ochocinco 35% dislike

5. Jay Cutler 38% dislike

4. Albert Haynesworth 46% dislike

3. Ben Rothlisberger 49% dislike

2. Plaxico Burress 56% dislike

1. Michael Vick 60% dislike

I understand why Vick, Haynesworth, and Burress are on the list, Vick and Burress having spent time in prison and Haynesworth just being defiant and lazy, I am a bit surprised by Tony Romo and Ben Rothlisberger.