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Philip Rivers Not A Top 10 Fantasy Quarterback?

By Ernie Padaon

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Philip Rivers has fallen off of the planet! Even in the fantasy football world, he is not getting any love.

Rotoworld put out a couple of lists of Top 10 Fantasy QBs and Philip failed to make the cut on either of them.

Not even a Top 10 quarterback in FANTASY!?! All he does is put up fat numbers!!

Here are the  players that were listed above our Baby Giraffe:

Tom BradyAaron RodgersDrew BreesMichael VickMatthew StaffordCam NEWTONMatt RyanPeyton ManningEli ManningTony RomoBen Roethlisberger

All those interceptions really hurt that fantasy stock and there are some really good young quarterbacks developing in the league right now. Could he really be slipping out of the top 10?

I know what the Bolt fam thinks, but what does the outside world think? Would you draft ALL those other jerks before Philip?

For the Bolt Nation, how many of those quarterbacks would you choose before Philip? What rank is Philip in fantasy for you?