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Breaking News ~ Collusion Lawsuit filed by NFLPA

By ChargerGirl Cindi

March 25, 2012; Palm Beach, FL, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during an press conference at the annual NFL meetings at the Breakers Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Looks like we haven’t heard the last of  problems in the NFL.  Claims that the NFL owners had a secret salary cap has prompted the NFLPA to action.

The complaint describes a conspiracy in which teams imposed a secret $123 million per-club salary cap for the uncapped 2010 season. The lawsuit was filed in in the United States District Court of Minnesota, it alleges that the league and owners “acted illegally and solely by self-interest.”

This on the heels of Tuesdays news where NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated that the NFL plans to release proof to the public that bounties were paid by New Orleans players.  This information will become public once all appeals are settled.  What proof is there remains to be seen, but it must be pretty convincing since several people lost their jobs and fines were handed down.

Our league is becoming organized crime.  A bunch of rich bullies who think they are above the rules.  I’m not necessarily for unions, but in this case I hope it gives the owners a reality check.

ChargerGirl Cindi