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No Respect For Quarterbacks

By FanSided Staff

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Do quarterbacks get the respect they deserve?

Doesn’t seem so according to the latest Top 100 player ranking by NFL network.

That’s why our own Philip Rivers only came in at #61 and Michael Vick ranked a lowly #70.

Charley Casserly thinks Rivers and Vick are ranked too high, but he bases his opinion on last season only.

“Philip Rivers turned the ball over too many times.” he says. “Sure, some of the turnovers were not his fault, but there also were some that were his mistakes from bad decisions. Michael Vick missed time in 2011. He was also inconsistent. He did not stay with his read from the pocket like he did at the beginning of the 2010 season. I did not see the consistency to warrant this ranking.”

How can you rank a player based on one season? This is why I don’t pay too much attention to Casserly’s opinion. (with that kind of thinking, could be why he’s not an NFL GM anymore.)

On the other hand, Jeff Darlington counters with “If there’s one element of the “Top 100″ players that has become most bothersome, it is the general lack of respect for the quarterback position.”

He says in his article that “quarterbacks have the most difficult, most critical job on the football field.

He went on to say “I’m not suggesting QBs should be listed from #1 to #32, but I am at least saying a quarterback of Rivers’ caliber, regardless of one down year in 2011, simply cannot be listed as the 61st best player in the NFL. He belongs higher.”

Albert Breer at did a ranking of all 32 quarterbacks and has Rivers at number 8.

Philip Rivers has passed for over 4000 yards the past 4 seasons.

He also has the 5th top quarterback rating OF ALL TIME! That’s higher than Peyton Mannhog and even Joe Montana.

So how is it that our beloved quarterback ranked a lowly 61?

Tony Romo ranked at #91. Are you kidding me? Tim Tebow ranked only 4 spots lower at #95.

I’m sorry but you can’t convince me that Tony Romo deserves to be in the bottom 10 with Tebow.

That goes a long way in proving the “no respect” theory.

Our Philip Rivers should be ranked higher. Way higher.