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Cam Thomas CAM SMASH T-Shirt samples

By FanSided Staff

BoogaP and I have been tweeting back and forth to one of our favorite Charger players Camaron Thomas, 3rd year defensive tackle.

One night me and BoogaP were tweeting back and forth, talking about the new Avengers movie when someone said HULK..SMASH and I kinda put a twist on it and tweeted CAM..SMASH!!

Well, apparently Cam was listening and loved the idea.

We told him that he ought to make T-Shirts with the CAM..SMASH idea.

He totally went with it.

In collaberation with @ELUSIONCLOTHING, these are a sample of the shirts he came up with.

The shirt on the right refers to his nickname on twitter, @baby_zilla76

As soon as he let’s us know where and when they will be available, we’ll post it on the website.

These are just preliminary. The colors and design are subject to change.