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Warren Sapp Comments On Philip Rivers Rank.

By FanSided Staff

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NFL nutwork Top 100 players of 2012, Philip Rivers ranked #61. When asked if this is the highest we’ll see Rivers rank, Warren Sapp said no.

Good right?

Not so fast.

He went on to say that PR#17 will have a rough year again this season.

Doesn’t sound like he’s much of a Philip Rivers fan because Sapp went on to say, and I quote: “it’s a humbling game that we play and when you play it on the edge of arrogance, I don’t think a championship comes your way”.

What?! Arrogance? Did I miss something? I’m not seeing the arrogance.

I’ve found that when it comes to Philip Rivers, people are either hot or cold. They either love him or they hate him. No in between. Even some Chargers fans don’t like him.

I personally think he’s a great guy, a great future hall of fame quarterback, dedicated father and family man as well as a devout believer in God. He’s more than capable of leading this team to a championship.

I love Warren Sapp and all but some of the garbage that comes out of his mouth sometimes is just….well…let’s just say questionable.