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Rookie Melvin Ingram Played Point Guard In High School

By Ernie Padaon

Melvin Ingram, the BEAST that we are trusting to make our pass rush relevant this season, was a point guard for his high school basketball team. He stood at 6-foot-2, 255 pounds and was handling the rock and dropping dimes for his team (see, I do know more than just football).

Can you imagine that?

If you don’t know basketball, the point guard is usually the smallest dude on the court and has to defend the littlest dude on the other side. They are also one of the quickest guys on the roster and need to have good vision of the court and anticipation.

Antonio Gates played power forward in college and that is where you expect the big boys to play. That is where you would expect a monster like Melvin to be playing also.

Instead, our freak athlete defensive end/linebacker was stuck defending the little, quick guys. I can’t wait to see how Melvin uses that speed and quickness on the football field. Blowing past a Denver offensive lineman and blasting Peyton Manning!