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Time Magazine Lists America’s Worst Stadiums… Guess Our Rank

By Ernie Padaon

Time magazine put up a post for TOP 10 WORST stadiums in the United States. Guess where our lovely home Jack Murphy is sitting at on the list?

NO… we are not number 1 for worst stadium, but good guess. That dubious mark goes out to the Minnesota Vikings whose stadium just fell apart during the middle of last season! They also are getting really, really close to approving a new stadium out in Viking town.

The Murph ranks number 4 on the list!

Behind Minnesota…Behind the home for the New York Islandersand behind the home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays

So, after Minnesota gets their new building approved, we will own the WORST football stadium in the land! Such a glorious honor for America’s Finest City!

Can we get a frikkin stadium done deal in this town already!?