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Charlie Whitehurst Will Get The Chargers Back To The Playoffs

By Ernie Padaon


I have a theory and I am pretty sure it is WRONG, but I had to share it with you all anyway. I have heard others mention this also, so I can’t claim to be the only one to have this theory. You ready?

The San Diego Chargers missed out on the playoffs the last couple of seasons because Charlie Whitehurst aka Clipboard Jesus was traded away!

Do I even need to explain myself on that one? …I almost ended the post right there, but felt I had to add more to this ludicrous thought

POINT #1: It is Clipboard Jesus!!!!

First off, look at the wig! Quarterbacks with CRAZY awesome hair help teams to the playoffs! Look at the ridiculousness that Tom Brady has in his head right now. Is that a sidewards mo-hawk? And his wife is a super model? Our quarterbacks hair is definitely better than his!

Andy Dalton with his CHEETO hair! That got the Bengals in the playoffs!

You know what good hair means??? PLAYOFFS!

Second point.. He holds the clipboard. Nobody on the roster can hold it at the perfect angle and height that he does and nobody else wanted to. He does it and he likes it!

Every successful team needs a big ol’ cheerleader off of the bench that only sees playing time when we are destroying the other teams. My favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls (sorry Lake Show fans), has Brian Scalabrine! Your Lakers used to have Luke Walton. Our Bolts,  Clipboard Jesus!

This post is going nowhere real fast, so I better wrap it up.

The Chargers went 9-7 and finished in third place in  the AFC West in 2005. Whitehurst joined the Chargers the following season and the Bolts responded with a 14-2 record. Since that time, we have only missed out on the playoffs when Whitehurst was playing on another team.

Coincidence? I think not!