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Are You A Creeper?

By Ernie Padaon

I am not even sure how this photo relates... but it does

Are you a creeper? NO, I am not asking if you are peeping on the neighbors while they are out at the pool! I am asking if you are a Bolt Beat creeper!

What do I mean?

Do you come onto the site regularly and enjoy it all, but then don’t join in as part of the community in the comments section? Do you just reply to our twitter and our facebook page instead? Do you spy in on the neighbor while…

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are a BB creeper!!!!

Here is a chance for all you creepers to come out from behind that keyboard. Just jump down to the comments section and share “Hi, my name is ________ AND I AM A CREEPER!” This is a safe place.

Every single one of the writers here LOVE talking Chargers football. We have a good community already and would love to have more join in and be part of the conversation. As writers, we love sharing our opinion, but we also LOVE getting comments.

This is a safe place. So get down there and leave a comment for us, even if you just write “BOOM!”