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By BoogaP

What’s good Boltheads!! I say that knowing it’s ALL good after a good free agency period and great draft by our beloved Chargers!

This is an open invitation to what is already an open invitation! Huh?  Meaning, everybody, and everyone, is free to open a twitter account.  I offer it to you today for the low price of FREE!  Free happens to be my second favorite four letter word that starts with the letter ‘F’.

In all seriousness, being up to date and receiving first hand knowledge on the Bolts is something that I believe is paramount.

As the articles are published, they are all “tweeted out” to all followers of @BB_Chargers.  It is worth it, especially if you haven’t had the time to check out the website.  If you want to follow certain writers from the staff you can follow @BB_Chargers ,  @R_Mainwaring , @ChargerGrlCindi , @biggsybolt (contributor) , etc.

Every one of us will always do our best to keep you afloat of info on the site, of course.  But wouldn’t you like the warning, in addition to the BoltBeat app for your phone (wink, wink), to give you a heads up about brand new artciles?!?!?! I know I would! That was spoken in my best Game show host voice for sure!

I HATED the idea of Twitter prior to writing for BoltBeat.  Then I came to the realization that it only “tweets” what you want it to “tweet!”  Which, self-admittedly, can be dangerous as well.  People LOOOVE to #TalkToughBehindAKeyboard . Ignore them. Please just ignore them.  They are not worth a reply, much less your time and energy.  I wish I would have practiced what I am preaching this very same night.  Anyway….

In short, like I have ever said ANYTHING in short, get on Twitter NOW!

Follow @Fansided also.  That happens to be the reason behind BoltBeat existing, I reckon.

If you want some classy folks to follow, that don’t write for the site, I would suggest @brandirahill and @jenniferleechan.  Those two happened to grab the attention of, literally, THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people for the Moment of Silence for Junior Seau on May 5th at 5:55pm for 55 seconds.

A couple more great follows include @SI_PeterKing , @AlbertBreer , @OfficialAJordan , @Boltfan53 (my jersey go to guy!!) , @sharonheilbrunn, @antoniogaray71 , @ShareeceWright , @boonah920 , @Baby_Zilla76 , @rmathews24 , @ProFootballTalk , @rob_base13 , @boltfanindenver , and of course @IWriteItOutLoud !!

That’s just for starters! lol.  If you are really, really bored, then you can follow me @BoogaP .  I say some funny ish every now and then.  My articles are kind of cool, too.

Thanks for reading.  TweetUp!!  Sorry!! I meant to say…