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Paging Kenyon Martin, Buehler, Buehler?

By BoogaP


I understand that this is not football related, yet, I felt compelled to bring it up here in a short article.

Like a scene from the iconic movie Ferris Buehler, you were just as likely to find Ferris in class that day, as you were to find Kenyon Martin at the Pepsi Center.

My father is here in Charlotte for a couple days.  One of my fondest childhood memories, that is non-Charger related, was watching the Lakers games during the “Drive for Five” era.

That being said, while my father and I were “”, I put on the Lakers playoff game against the Nuggets.  For those of you that don’t know me, which is most, if not all of you, it is impossible to get a syllable in much less a word or complete thought while my dad and I are conversing.  As my father and I exchange rant after rant, I look at the screen to check the score and I see a woman wandering onto the court.  We hit rewind immediately to make sure that what we believed to have happened actually did, indeed, happen.

Per a yahoosports report, the woman was screaming, prior to walking onto the court, “Where’s Kenyon?”

The very same report states that the woman did not appear to be intoxicated and that she had previously been banned from the Pepsi Center in Denver for stalking now EX-Nugget Kenyon Martin.

Although it would still be absolutely unacceptable, it would at least make a little more sense if she had been intoxicated!



P.S. Go Lakers!