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Thank you Junior

By rrrivers

May 2, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of a hat left at the impromptu memorial in front of Seau

When I got home from school yesterday I heard the news for the first time. It came in a text from ESPN saying the Cal police responded to a shooting at Junior Seau’s Oceanside home. I turned on NFLN and saw the story. As I’m sure many of you also had, my initial reaction was pure shock and then hearing the details you can imagine how sad I was. I was crying so hard yesterday afternoon and all I could think about was what would’ve pushed such a legend that far over the edge. After I calmed down I listened to the stories from past and current players and was amazed at the respect they all had for that man. The reacurring theme was a big thank you Junior Seau from everyone.

I, as a huge bolt head, watched the highlights of Junior those that I was and wasn’t around to see in person, all I could think about was how great he was.  I listened to all of the people pay their respects to the man and thought about how he changed the league and the players around him. I sat with tears in my eyes reminiscing  about what kind of a man, player, and friend he must have been. I watched him make impact plays for fourteen years of my life and am so appreciative of that. Thank you for letting us witness your dominance and pure awesomeness, thank you Junior Seau.

I tell all of my teachers and anyone who will listen that I may be young but I’m not at all too young to know what Junior Seau did for us as a team, as fans, for the league, the state of California as a whole, and as a man. His proffessionalism and class on and off the field in San Diego, Miami, and in New England is without equal. Thank you Junior Seau for being such a great player, man, and all around human being, thank you Junior Seau for your life, love, and legacy.