My Memories Of Junior Seau

By Ernie Padaon

I didn’t become a football fan till 1994. My parents didn’t watch any sports and I didn’t have many people around me that loved the game of football. In 1994, the hype around the city was HUGE and I started getting into football and I noticed number 55 on the field.

How could you not notice number 55 on the field?

He was always in the backfield disrupting running plays and was always playing at a different speed than everyone else around him. He was my first football player that I grew to love and he opened my eyes to this game that I LOVE now.

I will never forget him celebrating with that fist pump after making a great play. His legend will live on and I hope that the Chargers choose to honor him this year by sporting a number 55 patch.

We love you Junior and thanks for everything you have done for this city and this sport!