Which Chargers Rookie Are You Most Excited To See?

By Ernie Padaon

Sep. 11, 2010; South Bend, IN, USA; Michigan Wolverines linebacker Jonas Mouton (8) intercepts a pass intended for Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Theo Riddick (6) in the first quarter at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

The draft is done and it is time to salivate over what these kids are able to provide for us! A lot of people are excited about the haul of players that AJ Smith selected this year, but which rookie are you most excited about? Which kid’s jersey are you looking to buy?

The easiest choice would be for our number 1 draft pick DE/LB Melvin Ingram. If you watched the sport science video on the kid, you know he is a freak athlete! Plus he can do a back flip… I don’t know why that is so cool to me. He will be relied upon to put Peyton Manning in the dirt over and over and over again.  AND OVER AGAIN! Ingram is one of the reasons we have hope that this defense can be much better.

Do you like the offensive side of the ball, where we have a young, tall and athletic tight end, Pee-Wee Green, that will be snatching touchdowns from Philip Rivers? Plus, his nickname is Pee-Wee! If Green shows off that athleticism and speed in the game, he will become a fan favorite real fast.

Could you be looking forward to seeing a draft pick from last year, Jonas Mouton? Jonas was not able to get on th field last year because of injuries, but he is looking to make a comeback this year. Mouton will get plenty of action in the middle of the defense and he is supposed to be a thumper. He will be laying out a few runningbacks this year with his aggressive play. Cracking skulls!

Maybe you want to see the young safety Brandon Taylor line up next to Eric Weddle. He could be stealing the starting safety job by the end of training camp. He will have all kinds of opportunities to win the starting job and we will be looking for some impact plays from him.

These youngsters have a lot of potential and there is plenty to be excited about. Who are you looking forward to the most?