Top Five 2012 Draft Picks Go Offensive…

By FanSided Staff

In 2011, only two of the first 5 picks in the NFL draft were offensive players, Cam Newton to the Panthers with the top pick, and A.J. Green to the Bengals at 4.

In 2012 by comparison, all top-five choices were offensive players:1. Andrew Luck (QB) – Colts2. Robert Griffin III (QB) – Redskins3. Trent Richardson (RB) – Cleveland4. Matt Kalil (OL) – Minnesota5. Justin Blackmon (WR) – Jacksonville.

What does this say about the 2012 draft? This means the best talent at some defensive positions should be available well into the first round, and teams looking for offensive talent will be more likely to reach for an offensive player that is not worth the pick.

Just a quick note – will provide an in-depth analysis later on!