Goodbye Pro Bowl? NFL All-Star Game Likely To Be Suspended

By Ernie Padaon

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Does anyone watch the Pro Bowl anyway?

It sounds like the Pro Bowl for the upcoming season could be suspended like Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams and the return status is not known. The commish was not very happy with the competitiveness of the games. Who would? Nobody plays hard in those games, except for Eric Weddle!

Can you really expect the players to go hard in a game that doesn’t count for anything? They go hard for 16 games in the year and are beaten and bruised by the end of the year. The Pro Bowl was just a way for them to get out to Hawaii and hang out, plus a status level that they were able to achieve.

If the game were suspended, the Pro Bowl balloting would still take place and that the players that make the team would be honored in some way during Super Bowl week. The best part of the Pro Bowl is knowing who made the roster anyway.

Goodbye Pro Bowl! Just have all the players come out to San Diego for some sort of shin dig!