If We Lined Up Every Starting NFL Quarterback For A Race, …

By Ernie Padaon


If we lined up every starting quarterback in the NFL and had them run the 40 today, who would be bringing up the rear?!

Would it be Philip Rivers?! We watch him every Sunday and we know that baby giraffe struggles to tuck that ball away to pick up yards. Luckily we just need him to throw that ball down the field to the players with the speed.

BUT, is there anyone else in the league that would be slower than our baby giraffe?!

You have to think that Philip would be able to blaze by some of the older quarterbacks like Carson Palmer and Matt Hasselbeck… maybe? Peyton Manning can’t run, can he?

I had to do a little google research for some of these players 40 times to see what we are working with here. These times are from a few years back, so we don’t know the today’s speed, but it is something to compare:

Tom Brady 5.28Baby Giraffe 5.08Ben Roethlisberger 4.98Matt Hasselbeck 4.93Eli Manning 4.92Peyton Manning 4.90Carson Palmer 4.65

YESSSSS!!! Just faster than Tom Brady!!!!! Did I forget anyone on that list?

BUT, our boy Philip did have an ACL injury since getting drafted and he does rock braces on those knees.

SO, could Philip really be the slowest quarterback in the NFL?