Madden 13 Cover Comes Down To Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson

By Ernie Padaon


The Madden brackets all come down to two: Team Calvin and Team Cam. Cam Newton won his bracket with 53% of the vote and Calvin Johnson won his bracket with 67% of the votes against Aaron Rodgers. Do the people in Wisconsin believe in the Madden Curse?

Cam Newton is on the Chargers schedule and that team would be significantly less of a threat if Cam were sitting on the sideline…. Gregg Williams? Both of these guys are fun to watch and it would be a shame if the Madden Curse does take a hold of them.

I will just let you know which of the guys I choose in my fantasy draft, that is the player that will likely go down with some injuries!

Are you for Team Calvin or for Team Cam?

Make your votes for the cover here: