Quentin Jammer and Chargers Have Tough Group Of Receivers to Face in 2012

By Ernie Padaon

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Quentin Jammer had a tough time covering receivers last season. Part of it was because the guys up front were not able to get any pressure on the quarterbacks at all and the other reason was because Jammer had a bad season.

Was it because of age and a decline of skills? Or was he distracted with some off the field issues? Or was it just because we didn’t have a pass rush for him?

We should learn a few things this season with all the talent that he will have to face. Check out this group of receivers he will be lining up across:

And that list does not include Julio Jones and Kenny Britt.

Jammer better be prepared! He has a tough task at hand and we will be depending on him to slow these guys down. He will need a help from his friends too.

Can Jammer slow these guys down? Has he lost a step?