New Nike Uniforms Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow

By Ernie Padaon

If you didn’t know, Nike has taken over the contract for the NFL uniforms from Reebok. There was a little bit of drama between the to when Tim Tebow was traded to New York and Reebok tried to pump out as many Jets Tebow jerseys as they could to try and make an extra buck.

Anyway, Nike has already unveiled the new shoes and gloves that will be coming out next season and TOMORROW they will be unveiling the new uniforms for each team. When we first heard that Nike was taking over the contracts a couple of seasons ago, there were these nasty mocks drawn up of what they could look like.

Check this nasty thing out:

The new uniforms will not be that dramatic, but there could be some minor tweaks to them. Stay tuned here to see what the new look will be. I am expecting to see nothing really different. You guys expecting anything?