Booga’s All-time Chargers “Unsung” Defense

By BoogaP

Big Jamal Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

A couple of days ago I wrote about my “Unsung” Chargers offense and now it’s time to look at the defense.  It was very difficult to find a second CB but “settled” for a guy that I wanted to jump through the screen at during Superbowl 29.

Let me remind all the readers that these are just guys that I liked and that left an impression on me for one reason or another.  I put the first list out to see what Chargers other people liked or remembered for different reasons.  It’s nearly impossible to list all the players that were my “favorites.”  But, on with the list! Enjoy and be sure to comment at the bottom and share some of your thoughts and favorite players.

DE) Leslie O’Neal  ( I still remember theMcDonald’s commercials with the “91’s”)

DE) Lee Williams

DT) Jamal Williams   DTs)  Two tons of Fun: Reuben Davis and Shawn Lee ( can’t list one without the other!)

OLB) Woodrowe Lowe

OLB) Billy Ray Smith  ( Played both ILB and OLB)

OLB) Dennis Gibson  (Made the biggest play in Chargers history)

ILB) Junior Seau  ( I have a cat named Seau that is 12 years old. )

ILB) Gary Plummer

CB) Gill Byrd

CB) Darren Carrington (later moved to SS.  19 INTs with the Bolts)

FS) Vencie Glenn

SS) Rodney Harrison

KR) Andre Coleman

PR) Lionel James  ( I wore his jersey #26 in rocket football)

K) Rolf Benirschke ( I could have put Carney here, I know.  Rolf hosted Wheel of Fortune though!)

P) Darren Bennett ( Scifres, Kidd, and Bennett make up a decent run of Punters)

ST) Hank Bauer  ( The guy was a stud on special teams)

Well, there you have it.  I hope you like the list. Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving comments at the bottom.  I would really like to hear who some of your favorite Chargers are past, present, etc. Thanks for reading!

Also, just wanted to give you all a heads-up that a Chargers “All-Bust Team” is coming out shortly!