Booga’s All-time Chargers “Unsung” Offense

By BoogaP

Mike Goff... Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

These guys aren’t going to the Hall of Fame unless it’s taking the family to soak in some football history.  My list is not only arguable, it is completely disputable! Hence the idea for the article.  I want to see what all the Boltheads out there have to say.  Who do YOU think was under-rated/under-appreciated? Who made an impact in your eyes, as far as the Charger offense is concerned?  Or, heck, who are your favorites? Here comes my squad.  I’ll be coming out with my defense, as well.  Yes, I have to put Dennis Gibson on there regardless of his “other” career stats.  But let’s check out the offense for now.

QB) Stan Humphries    Backup QB) Doug Flutie

HB) Lionel James   HB) Ronnie Harmon

FB) Steve Hendrickson

WR) Anthony Miller  WR2) Gary Garrison  WR3) Curtis Conway

TE) Alfred Pupunu

T) Roman Oben     T) Jim Lachey

G) Mike Goff   G) Kris Dielman

C) Courtney Hall

There it is folks!  Remember, these are just Chargers that I like and have left memories in my mind.  As to including Dielman, he is one of my favorite Chargers of all-time.  I don’t know that I could ever make a list about the Chargers that doesn’t include his name.  a positive one of course!

Hit me up in the comments with questions or memories of your own! Thanks for reading.