VIDEO: A Tribute To Mike Tolbert and Vincent Jackson

By FanSided Staff

It’s tough seeing great talent leave our team.  It feels even worst knowing they left with nothing to show for.  With the amount of talent we’ve had in our roster we should have had at least one Super Bowl, and a contender every year.  At this point it’s both the coach’s and player’s fault.   All we can do now is learn from our mistakes and focus on the future. 

I hope that all our present/past players know that we appreciate everything they do for us and that their accomplishments will never be forgotten.  Vincent Jackson and Mike Tolbert have both contributed to the Chargers Legacy, and will continue to do the same in their new home.  I wish I could do more for these two players and the team as a whole but hey, this is a start!

Sorry for making this video seem like they passed away, THEY DIDN’T!!!  They were last reported as being healthy, and looking forward in contributing to their new teams.  Stay positive and keep charging…  Bolt Up and Go Chargers!!!