The Week That Was…

By Ernie Padaon


Let’s review the eventful week that we just had. If you were hiding under a rock for the whole week, here are some of the highlights from your Bolts and around the league.

First off, because this is a Chargers fan site, let’s run down what happened with our team. Starting off the week, Mike Tolbert signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers and took less money from them. That leaves a hole at our backup running back position and we brought in former Kansas City RB Jackie Battle for a tour, but he left without signing a contract.

We picked up another tight end in Donte Rosario. He is the 5th tight end on the roster and will be competing with Kory Sperry for the 3rd string tight end spot.

Then, we lost a couple of players that most fans wouldn’t even recognize their names. Everette Brown was on the roster for three games last year and he signed with the Detroit Lions. We also released SS Deandre McDaniel and he has never seen a game with us. We signed him in January and he was released because he failed a physical because of a wrist injury that required surgery.

For the Chargers, we didn’t do much. Around the league though, there was a lot of noise. We started the week out with Peyton Manning finally choosing his football team and he will be jumping into the AFC West with us as a Denver Bronco. John Elway must have been screaming like an excited little girl after he was able to bring him in. After bringing in Peyton, they had to find someone to take Tim Tebow off of their hands and they traded him out to the New York Jets. Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez will wipe boogers on each other and figure out how they can both be on the field at the same time.

Then, the NFL dropped the hammer on the New Orleans Saints for this whole “bounty” scandal. Head Coach Sean Payton was suspended for a whole year and then former Saint defensive coordinator was suspended indefinitely. The Saints were also stripped of their second round draft picks for the next couple of seasons. San Diego fans were hoping that Norv Turner could get suspended for a whole season as well.

Somewhere this week also, WR Hines Ward retired. He will always be remembered for his toughness.

What a busy busy week around the league! Hopefully next week the Chargers can bring in more players on the defensive side of the ball. Let’s see what happens.