Peyton Manning: What It Means To The Chargers

By FanSided Staff

March 19, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; A general view of a billboard welcoming potential new Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (not pictured) as seen in North Denver Adams county Colorado. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

I know there has been a lot of talk now that Peyton Manning is in our division. Some analysts predict the Broncos to take the division title, and there are those that think otherwise. Peyton Manning is coming back from 4 intensive neck surgeries, and no playtime during the post season. Many fear that he could be a liability to any team he plays for, and that one wrong hit could terminate his career. The power behind Manning’s ball is in question. No one will really know how he will perform until the preseason games. One thing is for sure; we will most definitely need to acquire a hard-hitting pass rusher.

As for the Chargers, we are coming back from two painful seasons; one affected by our special teams ability cover, and the other by the ability to protect Rivers, including a weak defense. I really feel, as this may be an opportunity for us to excel. The presence of an elite QB in the AFC West adds an edge to our team as a whole. Not saying Philip Rivers in not an elite quarterback but this will add a competitive edge to Rivers. Rivers’ wanted this, and is in need of it. Now that he has it, let’s see what he’s able to do with it. We all know that if Rivers has the time to throw the ball, he can make anything happen with just about anyone that can catch a ball. The fact that we lost Jackson is not going to put a damper in our receiving corps. Jackson is selfish and immature. Remember the 09’ playoff game against the Jets? It didn’t help that our kicker couldn’t make a kick to save his life but cocky Jackson started kicking flags and throwing tantrums after each penalty. That attitude never allowed Rivers to advance, and get the team out of the deep zone.

There have been many changes within our organization some good and bad. I wish the box office would have made some changes within but it’s not up to us. A.J. has made some good moves in the free agency but we are yet to get a showstopper. Hopefully we are able to make some big moves in the draft (Melvin Ingram, or Nick Perry) but only time will tell.