Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Free-agent running back Mike Tolbert will meet with the Panthers’ coaching staff Monday at Bank of America Stadium after having dinner with team officials Sunday night in Charlotte, according to a league source.

Rumor out of San Diego and also reported by ESPN is that the Steelers are highly interested in Chargers running back and free agent Mike Tolbert.  Tolbert, 1,410 yards and 20 TD’s in 4 seasons, also has a decent set of hands coming out of the backfield – think MeMo but better.  He also is a lower the head and shoulder kind of back – much like Redman already is and what we all wish Mendenhall would be.

With all the brooding over the future of Double Trouble, many folks have overlooked the potential prowess Mike Tolbert would bring to the Panthers’ Offense. Whilst it would be sublime to have Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams locked up for the long term, It just isn’t economically sensible, and this conjunction will force General Manager Marty Hurney to make some tough decisions in regards to the Running Back group. One name that has been linked to the Panthers has been Mike Tolbert, the former Charger, and Coastal Carolina Chanticleer.

Shocker. A.J. Smith has not made a cannonball splash into the NFL free agent pool. But it hasn’t been one of those Greg Louganis ripples, either. The man has moved plenty of water. Besides, how many wave makers have been available?