Don’t let him fly the Coop!!!

By BoogaP

Well…..Manning is in the AFC West now. Would anybody like to argue with me about needing a pass-rusher in the first round? Anybody? Anyone? Didn’t think so.  SP95 I’ve got love for you man; I’m not hating by ANY means.  I have that powder blue throwback 95!

I can understand those of you that might contend that Barron might be a good pick in the first round as well. Bigby is strictly a stop-gap, imo. Sounds like some think Stuckey is more than a special teamer…. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings!!  I truly hoped Bigby would be in a Chargers uni two years ago, I must admit. Can’t deny the strong need for a SS in this defense. That being said……

We need to bring back Cooper!! I put two exclamation points for a reason. People, Charger fans especially, seem to think we have the Colts number. More importantly, Manning’s number.  FYI- We don’t have Sproles anymore…….But that is not the purpose of this article.

Cooper owns Manning. Cooper, not our beloved Bolts, owns Manning. Some of my favorite Charger moments of the last 25 years include Manning audibling with Cooper doing the same. I’m not worried about the fact that he got paid for being injured……again…kinda.

He is worth the risk knowing that Manning is a rival QB twice in the regular season. Seeing Cooper orchestrate that defense against Manning was like hearing me sing “Amazing Grace” or “The National Anthem”……This one time, at music camp….I met the mother of my two amazingly beautiful children. Don’t tell my daughter that she has been “fibbed to about being the most beautiful girl” my wife is extremely hot……But my daughter looks exactly like her at her age so……Stay away you little terds that can read!!  She is 3!! Plus, Paw Paw Winky( ?  ) will “get your mind right”, so to speak!!  Yeah, I can sing. I’m damn good too.  I’ll touch on that later….in a different article.

Bring Cooper back at the Vet minimum. Please, A.J., I implore you to do so. What do we have to lose?? A roster spot that belongs to one of my favorite Chargers of all-time??? Get it done today, please and thank you.

Thanks for listening!!! Now go comment! Watch your language! You know who I’m talking to!! LMAO!!!

Dick Goodman…..Hilarious…..