Hmmm…..Backus re-signs in Detroit and why you care.

By BoogaP


A quick shout out to my dad’s wife, the lovely Lion’s superfan Yvonne!! Congrats on Megatron’s “mega contract!!”

In other news, the Lions re-signed Jeff Backus to a two year deal to stay in Motown. That being said, Marcus McNeill recently had been reported to have had a good visit with the Lions and said something along the lines of if they don’t re-sign Backus I would love to be their LT. Apparently, according to multiple sources, he has also scheduled visits to Kansas City and Atlanta. Kansas City just signed Eric Winston and might wait until the draft to find another member of their o-line. Atlanta makes quite a bit of sense. I say that due to their need at tackle and his highschool football taking place in Ellenwood, GA.

That being said, like Luis Castillo, A.J. has said that he might be interested in re-signing McNeill at a lower price. Would he then pass the physical?? Hmmm….

I don’t believe that there is a great chance of him coming back to our team. In fact, it is highly unlikely. But I happen to think that we would have one of the best RIGHT TACKLES in all of football if we found a way to bring him back to San Diego. If the contract was “Charger friendly”, then get it done. I am not a Clary-hater….. I just hate the penalties and such that he has been responsible for in the last couple years as a starter.

What do you think?  Hit me up with comments! I had to at least throw it out there. Go Bolts!!