A.J. I hate you!!!….Or do I?

By BoogaP

Charger faithful-

Well, Boltfans, I am still a little bit sick to my stomach. Why, you ask? Has nothing to do with four #83 jerseys being in my closet with the last name of JACKSON. VJax did as should have been expected….. He followed the dough. I threw up in my mouth approximately 47 times listening to his Buccaneer press conference. Ok, 48 times….

But!!!!! A big, Craig Davis, but I have no idea who that is you have drafted A.J. BUT……But after further review, seeing what our “faithful leader” has done to replace Vincent and sign other key cogs to what can be a team to “get us into the tournament”……I’m cautiously optimistic. Okay, you got me again…. I am straight up giddy as a school girl on spring break!!

Listen, Boltheads!!! We have needed, for quite some time, to add some “physical presence” to this team. I have spoken, ad nauseam, to my father, ” Dad, we need some guys to come in and hit people in the mouth and not being sorry for doing so!!” Not Wilhelm style, Steve Foley style….. Minus the bullet holes! We, as fans, deserve far better than the last……well, let’s go with the last 2 years out of the playoffs…Anyway, we ALL deserve what has happened so far, so to speak. JJ, McClain, Meachem, and Royal, etc. I know that Meachem and Royal aren’t exactly “tough guys”, but good luck catching them! A.J., doing what he is best at doing; and that happens to be “re-tooling while my ass is on the line” as opposed to “re-tooling.”  I’ll be the first to say I am completely sick of being the “best team on paper.” Not so much this past year, I know. But if A.J. can continue by adding some depth on both the offensive and defensive lines then I am …I am…realizing that the sickness in my stomach comes from far too much Busch light and cheap hot wings!

Listen, this is my first article on here and I hope it’s not the last. I realize that I have not provided an answer to the lack of pass rush or a legitimate strong safety. In fact, I haven’t even touched on what the draft should look like for our Chargers. But, I will be submitting my Chargers Mock draft tomorrow…..or in the next 3 and a half or four hours. Thanks for listening!


P.S. Royal, really glad we picked you up but don’t even THINK about the number 19!!