Brief Encounter With Nick Perry

By Ernie Padaon

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Before I became sick as a dog this weekend, I went out to Fashion Valley on Friday to hang out and then had dinner at this place called Stacked. While waiting for a table, this HUGE man with a NIKE FOOTBALL t-shirt walks up to put his name on the list. I figured he played some football somewhere or table tennis.

I stare at him for a little bit and then realize that this dude is Nick Perry out of USC! He’s sitting outside on the bench next to mine and my 14 month old son kept running by, falling down and smiling at him. I kept staring at him and even had to pull up pics of Perry on my phone and asked all my friends if the guy on my phone was the guy sitting on the bench next to us. Then the hostess from Stacked calls out “Nick, party of 2” and he stood up and went in.

I don’t like to bother the guys when they are out trying to enjoy their night. I wonder if Nick was trying to get a little preview of what his new home could be.

Just looking at him in real life made me more impressed. He is a massive man! His arms are the size of my head and he morphs anyone that stands next to him. Unfortunately, from my brief encounter, I have no idea if he would be able to drop back into pass coverage. I do know he likes the shakes over at Stacked!!

Sadly, the only video that I was able to get was of the backside of Nick!