Chargers Have Begun Contract Talks With Jacob Hester

By Ernie Padaon


The San Diego Chargers have begun negotiations with FB Jacob Hester  (Scott Bair). Hester is our versatile undersized fullback that we can also line up as the halfback to carry the ball if needed. Mike Tolbert is likely to get a lot of interest in the open market and the Chargers will want to keep Hester around for his familiarity with the offense. We like to use Hester a lot in short yardage situations and around the goal line with the passing game.

If Tolbert moves on in free agency, Hester could be used more often on 3rd down and in goal line. He could also be used WHEN if Ryan Mathews gets nicked up. He should not be the number 2 back if Tolbert leaves though, he is more of an emergency back. We would still have to pick up someone for that role. My choice is still Justin Forsett in the backup role and in 3rd down.

Hester will become a free agent on March 13th if we do not reach a contract agreement before then. The Chargers should try to get all their free agents signed quickly so they can focus on Vincent Jackson and some other premier free agents. There is a lot of work to be done.