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What Should The Chargers Do With Kris Dielman If He Decides To Return?


Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

This is where football can be an UGLY business. Kris Dielman is mulling over retirement, but if he does decide to come back, do the San Diego Chargers want to keep him around? Would you want to keep him around?

Kris Dielman is one of the toughest son-of-a-guns in the National Football League, but he suffered through one of the scariest football injuries that people have seen. He stumbled through a concussion in a game and repeatedly took the beating to his head against the Jets and then on the flight home he had a scary seizure.  What does that type of injury do to a man’s psyche? For one, it has a tough guy like Dielman thinking about hanging up his cleats.

This would be a crazy tough decision and you root for players like Dielman to make a strong comeback, but should we take that risk? If a veteran like Steve Hutchinson of the Minnesota Vikings becomes available, would you think about bringing him in to play at left guard? Tyronne Green did a pretty good job as the starter while Dielman was out and could be considered the future starter at left guard. Should we just let Green continue being the starter and let Dielman go? Just throw Dielman out there again and hope that everything will be alright?