Franchise Tags Can Be Placed Today. Will Vincent Jackson Get one?

By Ernie Padaon

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Today is the first day that teams can slap the franchise tag on players, which means that it is the first day that the San Diego Chargers can slap the tag right back on Vincent Jackson if they so pleased. The Chargers are not expected to put the tag on Jackson, but it would be the only way of guaranteeing that he would be in blue and gold next season (unless he held out). The deadline to be able to put the tag on players is on March 5th and players become a free agent on March 13th.

Should the Chargers place the tag on him and try to negotiate a long-term deal ? OR they could even slap the tag on him and try to work out a trade with some other team. If we were to put the tag on him, he would be guaranteed over $13 million for this next season.

Here is Jason LaCanfora’s notes from his latest article on

Chargers: Reports out of San Diego indicated Vincent Jackson would not be franchised for a second time. But as we get closer to the franchise deadline, I have a feeling the $13.7-million figure for Jackson becomes more palatable. This team is under serious pressure to get back to the postseason or coach Norv Turner and general manager AJ Smith are very likely to be out. It nearly happened a few months back. Losing Jackson would be a massive blow, and sources close to the player said they are bracing for the tag.

What would you do?