Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

In an interview with the team’s website, San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos said he believes the offensive line is the team’s biggest area that needs to be addressed in the offseason.

With money to spend and a wealth of players available in free agency beginning next month, it would seem the Chargers have a legitimate opportunity to make necessary improvements in order to get in position for a run back to the playoffs.

The San Diego Chargers just can’t seem to win… In the first half of the season.

It always seems that the Chargers start off slow and finish the season strong just enough to get into the playoffs, except for 2010 and 2011.

Commonly known fact about me: I’m a nerd. I spend 90% of my time on the internet looking at pictures of cats and studying football stats and the other 10% I spend sleeping. Like most nerds, I love memes. So, since I can’t think of anything better to do today, let’s have some fun with memes.

2011 in a Nutshell: You earned it, San Diego. Another installment of the Norv face (of frustration) is coming your way, fresh off a giant wave of excitement only mediocre football can bring. Thoughts? Issues? Concerns? Probably many, as fans watched their Chargers ride a six-game losing streak during the middle of the season straight out of the playoff race.

This hashtag needs to be addressed before it takes off. I know that watching football brings out emotions and therefore you guys have emotional reactions to everything and want to keep every player that ever made you cheer. I get that.