Should The Chargers Take A Chance On Randy Moss?

By Ernie Padaon


Would you take a chance on Randy Moss? He just announced that he is coming back to the NFL!

I might as well add, would you take a chance on Terrell Owens? They basically are the same receivers!

I love both of these receivers and am a fan of  everything that they have done, but I don’t want either of them on my team. Both receivers are way past their prime and have been out of football for a year. They are a risk to being a cancer in the locker room. Why would we want to add that to our roster?

PLUS, Norval was the coach for Moss in Oakland and that situation didn’t work out too well.

It would be better for us to add receivers through the draft or even with some undrafted free agents. There are so many other options at receiver that are available through free agency also. It would be a mistake for us to go after TO or Randy.

If we want a receiver of that caliber, then we should just keep Vincent Jackson around!

This may be the only reason I want Randy Moss on the Chargers:

I just LOVE the video and the sound bites that we could get from him!