Super Bowl or Super Bla?

By ChargerGirl Cindi

The Super Bowl is usually an exciting event.  No matter what two teams are playing there is reason to celebrate their accomplishments and get together for the last football game of the season.

This year I feel empty.  There were no spectacular plays, no exciting moments that had me on the edge of my seat, no surprises and I gotta tell you, even the commercials left me flat.  The halftime show was lame, the Giants are a lackluster group of players that I cant wrap my arms around to say thanks for a great show and the whole event was just plain boring.

I think the problem with the Super Bowl is there is too much focus on things that have nothing to do with FOOTBALL.  Yep, that is what the Super Bowl is about.  Not the stupid commercials or who is lip syncing at halftime or who is making mistakes during the National Anthem.  It’s about football.

The Giants and the Patriots are boring.  They play boring football.  I am going to put it behind me and start looking forward to Super Bowl 47.  Where the Chargers will meet up with another exciting team and I will not hope to be entertained by the non-football related activities.

ChargerGirl Cindi